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We will help you creating a solid lead generation strategy that will strengthen your users' confidence in your company and capture their attention before they are even ready to contact your sales department so that your teams can focus on handling the hottest leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We hear about Lead without really knowing its definition. Indeed, from experience, we regularly see a misinterpretation by companies of this term, which often wrongly considers it as a mere prospect.

A lead is a person who has concretely expressed an interest in a company’s services or products, without having been approached randomly beforehand, and for whom you are starting to collect information. This is also known in marketing as a contact. So, we can’t talk to this level of customer yet.

Lead generation is the process of generating contacts with potential customers, i.e., prospects. This is in fact the main goal of all marketers: to create and seize the interest of people who may buy your service or product, in order to transform this intention into a real sales opportunity. This means generating leads, which requires developing techniques or taking action to retrieve contacts that can turn into customers.

We are a lead generation company focused on all companies of all sizes that are looking for the best lead generation service. We therefore not only offer visibility to our customers, but we can also boost their sales by offering them a personal and targeted service. We are also an affiliation platform that supports its customers in the digital field by offering high quality personalized services.

SEO is about increasing the visibility of your website in the organic results of the search engine by optimizing your pages with the keyword phrases that people are likely to search for. Experience has shown that when you do a Google search, you generally do not go beyond the first two pages of results. The same goes for your potential customers. SEO allows you to see your site first when a search containing the referenced keywords is done.

Building your reputation and influence is an important element in generating traffic to your company’s website. With public relations strategies, you can qualify as an expert in your niche and strengthen your credibility. This can increase your conversion rate and increase your brand awareness. For example, by serving as a source in journalists’ articles, the point of sale usually provides a link to your website – which is usually a significant traffic that converts well while strengthening your reputation. In addition, when you are mentioned in a major press – a source of trust for many people – they ultimately trust you more. Press releases can also help to generate traffic and interest in your product or service.

Email marketing is an excellent tool because most people have to be involved several times before buying. It has been in existence for years and remains one of the most effective ways to engage current and potential customers. Give people good reasons to subscribe (contests, great content, insider information, etc.), then keep sending great content so they don’t unsubscribe. Encourage them to come back to your website regularly by showing them what they have missed since their last visit – for example, a new product, blog posts, white papers, videos or something else.

When you are looking for a new salon for a haircut or a good restaurant in a nearby city, you are probably talking to trusted friends, family or online sources to discover the options that are most highly rated and considered. These sources are also key points that increase traffic on your website. Focus on building relationships with your fans and followers to get positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations. You can also participate in related forums or comment on blog posts to connect your company without becoming too promotional.

Another particularly effective lead generation method today is the proper use of social networks. It is necessary to seek contact with all persons who are registered on these networks. If you can create a personal relationship with these people, they will be able to give you their contact details for a telephone exchange for example. Similar to email marketing, social media helps you communicate with your potential customers and encourages them to buy. Again, you must provide compelling reasons to “love” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, but you must also share the content that encourages them to visit your blog or site. you must regularly update your pages with new features, so that they don’t forget to always check your page. And on social networks, the more people like and are interested in your page, and the more they attract others. In terms of marketing, it’s a real gold mine. Even more, it helps you see what people are talking about and what recommendations they provide. It is also an excellent tool for customer service requests and real-time communication in the event of a crisis.

Of course, there are other methods than calls to action and the proper use of social networks to generate leads. For example, a Forex trader or more generally a company, may once or twice a year, consider organizing or participating in fairs or exhibitions, courses and tutorials,. also do cold phone prospecting or use advertising.

Creating videos and publishing them on YouTube can help your content to be found on YouTube itself. From there, not only does Google index your content, but other people can embed your video on their blogs and share it via social media. Although becoming a “viral” phenomenon on social network is for sure desirable, it is important to note that not all videos require to be viewed millions of time to generate traffic to your website. Instead, focus on a call to action that tells Internet users exactly where to go (your website), how to do it (link) and why to do it (free content, contests, etc.) once they have finished viewing.

You can also advertise other people’s videos by purchasing targeted ads that are relevant to your business, which could generate a high conversion rate.

Ads targeting works by placing a tracking cookie on each of your visitors’ computers. Then, when they leave your site, they start to see the ads to come back. Using this type of advertising allows you to reach visitors who leave without conversion – which represents about 98% of your total traffic – and makes retargeting an interesting strategy to get these visitors to come back and convert. You’ve already done a lot of work to get people here, but most of them leave… so bring them back to make sure you don’t throw away the money you’ve already spent.

Use PPC Internet advertising to generate traffic to your website from search engines such as Google. Here is how it works: you pay a fixed price for each click of your ad in the search engine. The ultimate goal of the click is to convert this user to obtain a return on investment. Using AdWords by Google, you don’t need to spend any money. For example, you just need to set a daily budget of some dollars or chose to pay ten cents per click as maximum cost. Your main objective should be conversion in order to obtain the best possible return on investment. Simply choose key phrases and the search engine will help you spread your ad in front of your target market, no matter where it is on the Web.

The first essential point to follow: rely on web content to generate leads. The more you bring quality content to your visitors, the more they will want to stay in touch with you. On a Forex site, focus on the accuracy of the numbers, and make suggestions to visitors that they are unlikely to find elsewhere

But that’s not all, well-worked and effective calls for action are essential. These action calls are buttons that prompt visitors to your site to give you their contact information. It is important to keep consistency between your text and your call to action. If you’re talking about shoes, don’t suggest a guide to repairing a table, but rather a guide to shining your shoes properly.

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