Linkedin Companies Database

We know it’s tough to survive and thrive as a small marketing business. Long hours. Endless bills. And most importantly… We understand the struggle to find the sort of business leads for your email marketing list who’ll become actual buyers.

Linkedin has over 5 million companies listed on its platform and we will help you to get all details related to your target market. Linkedin Companies Research ,Filtered based upon size ,year of commencement ,Team size ,Industry cattering to ,
we crawl into almsot every companies directory and come up with best results  that full fills your lead generation criteria ,arrange them in fine excel format and deliver it to you,as shown in Attachment with all contact details like company name,address,domain email,Industry,phone number our leads helps you reach to your target market in more better way with least efforts at low price.please click on custom order and let us know about your lead criteria. 
  • All Leads will be verified through rapportive and email hunter.
  • Source of leads will be Linkedin and zoom info premium.
  • Location will be as per your target market.
  • Phone Numbers will not be  included.
  • 3500 unique Leads per Month. 
  • 100% Money Back guarantee.
  • CRM included with this package to track real time progress.

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