Investors Research

For the past 2 years we’ve excelled in providing superior B2B leads by performing countless hours of research… Isolating the thousands of potential clients and customers who’ll best fit your target audience… Even more importantly, unlike other B2B leads providers, we don’t just get you a bunch of names we think look like winners and throw them on a list…

Our Company will help you to find right investor who will invest in your product or services. We make use of tools like crunchbase, angel list, crowd funding sites, linkedin to gather data of investors. We have helped many startups during fund raising. We make use of tele marketing, email marketing, preparing pitch and explaining the product or service to right investors. There might be many who would like to invest in your product or services we will help you to connect to them. 

  • All Leads will be verified through rapportive and email hunter.
  • Source of leads will be Linkedin Research,Crunchbase,, datacom and twitter.
  • Location will be as per your target market.
  • Phone Numbers will be  included.
  • 1500 unique Leads per Month. 
  • 100% Money Back guarantee.
  • CRM included with this package to track real time progress.

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