ICO Marketing

Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have. Whether B2B or B2C, We believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection

The internet is flooded with lots of contents on how to promote an ICO, but when it comes to lead generation, even marketers themselves shy away from it because it is the main gauge of the success of any ICO promotion. In a recent survey, 78 percent of marketers reveal they struggle with lead generation and 60 percent or more marketers say improving lead quality is their biggest challenge.

Today with the spontaneous increase in the use of the internet which the cryptocurrency is literally made for, more leads have been reported to be generated. And the more leads an ICO marketing generates, the more the chances of high crowd sales. According to data from Hinge Research Institute, firms generating 60 percent of their leads double their profit compared to those generating lesser than 20 percent online.

  • Search Engine Optimization:- As we all know its impossible to use google, facebook and run crypto adds. So inorder to resolve that issue we will start with keywords and Target them and our focus will be to jump on first page of google.
  • Social Media Marketing:- Our Team will promote the services to target audience and send personalized messaged to them. We will deploy one person who will be handling communications.
  • Telegram community Development:- Our core job will be to get all audience to join our telegram group. The group will be the official community.
  • Image sharing and Blogging:- We have blog writers who have expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain. We also have designers who will design posts.
  • We are members with 100s of groups and we will use that to promote the service.
  • Press Release:- We have worked with many clients who own press release website we will also send them emails and that will help us alot in promotions. We can pay some small amount to them like 10-20$.
  • Bitcoin Talk, Crypto news promotion. We have old accounts on reddit and btctalk and we will make use of them to share the content with the community.
  • This package includes CRM and reports can be tracked online with just one click. Real time reports available. 
  • One Month Package. Subscription is valid for one month.
  • 24X7 Premium Customer Service.

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