Linkedin Leads: Providing Forex Leads and Traffic Generation Services

Linkedin Leads is a US-based forex lead and traffic generation service firm that was launched in 2014. It is composed of members that have years of experience in the FX & CFD industry. The team is composed of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in areas such as sales, technology, and marketing. The diverse nature of the team has enabled them to offer a unique perspective on the financial markets.

Most forex brokers have excellent trading technologies, impressive websites, and offer numerous payment options to their traders. However, all these would amount to nothing if the broker doesn’t have a steady stream of forex leads. Linkedin Leads was established to help forex brokers with their forex lead generation and offer other marketing-related services. The company claims that it specializes in high-quality traffic and lead services.

The company isn’t only focused on forex companies as they offer similar services to cryptocurrency companies. They offer their partners high-quality traffic & leads from the leading countries in both the forex and crypto markets. With Linkedin Leads, forex and cryptocurrency brokers will be able to market their services and properly compete with others in the industry. Linkedin Leads has recognized that social media is the largest marketing tool in the world at the moment, thus the reason why they perform aggressive social media marketing for forex companies.

Other forex services offered by Linkedin Leads

Asides forex lead generation, Linkedin Leads offers other services to its customers. The company offers MT4/MT5 White Label Solutions. They offer complete customization of white label software that enables brokers to be flexible in details such as symbol settings, markups, groups, and deposit currencies. The company’s MT4 white label program makes it possible for brokers to offer forex products that are most popular while also incorporating other products like individual stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

Another service offered by Linkedin Leads is forex website design. This service is composed of five sub-services which are translation & copywriting, multi-language design, live and demo registration forms, customizable widgets, and social media buttons. By designing your website, Linkedin Leads will also assist with translations in the languages required and writing unique content for the website. The social media buttons will serve as a doorway between the broker’s official website and their numerous social media handles. With their customizable widgets, brokers can integrate numerous widgets and site add-ons which will make trading on those platforms a unique experience for visitors. 

Forex marketplace is another service offered by this company. It is an online marketplace where products and services in the forex industry can be purchased. Forex businesses, forex license, and other forex related software can be purchased on this platform. The team makes it a habit to learn about new products and services in the forex industry and designed the marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of such products and services. 

Forex brokers that don’t have forex license can acquire it with the help of Linkedin Leads. Their decades of experience in the industry has made it possible for them to help brokers acquire an offshore forex license or onshore option. Linkedin Leads will help the brokers with understanding the cost of obtaining the license as well as the application process and the documents required. 

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