What are forex qualified leads and how to generate high quality leads using linkedin for forex?

Forex Leads rating/qualification

As other leads, Forex Leads and cryptocurrency leads can be rated or qualified, in accordance with how Forex trading works or with how Forex traders act.

Qualified Forex Leads

To qualify something is to attribute characteristics to it, to define it by attributes. You have a “qualified Forex leads” when you have managed to collect enough information about contacts. You know who they are, what are their problems, their expectations, their needs, their budgets, their purchasing potential. Qualifying Forex Leads or cryptocurrency leads defines the best business approach and therefore maximizes your chances of converting the contacts into customers. The more qualified are Forex Leads and cryptocurrency leads, the higher your chances of turning them into customers.

The first telephone contact plays an obvious role in qualifying  Forex Leads. But that’s not the way the qualification process begins, or ends. At each stage of the sales process, you must evaluate your prospects on more and more specific characteristics. Qualification goes through different stages. Bob Apollo, the founder of the Inflexion Point consulting group, has defined three stages of qualification, which is also valid in cryptocurrency and Forex Leads qualification :

The “Organization” stage, the most basic. It consists in determining if the cryptocurrency or forex traders of which you have the contact are likely to be interested by your offers, if they correspond to your “buyer personas”, and, finally, if it is worth doing business with them.

The “Opportunity” stage. This is the level we usually think of first when we talk about cryptocurrency Leads and Forex Leads qualification in Forex trading and in general. It consists in finding out if the contacts or forex traders have a specific need that you would be able to satisfy, and to what extent your offer will suit them.

The “stakeholder” stage. At this point, you know that your offer is a solution to the need of your Forex Leads and that it corresponds to your target customers. It is time to get down to business and decide how to approach the traders.

The main idea here is that as in general, there are different levels of qualification, because qualification is a multi-step process. The term qualified Forex or cryptocurrency leads therefore has several meanings.Introducing forex

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